Hiring our firm isn’t simply a transaction or another box to be checked off the wedding planning checklist. Invest with us because you love and connect with US and OUR work. Creating outstanding, interesting work is where our business is focused in 2019. Making this happen requires effort on all of our parts. The best events are a result of a good partnership. You bring the effort, the willingness, the love, and the POSITIVE vibes. We’ll bring the team and a vision. Trust in the process. Trust in us. Trust in yourselves to create something spectacular.

The thing we're told most by clients is that we make them feel comfortable. That after the day or days we spend together we're friends at the end of them. The best compliment we like getting at weddings is a hug from your mom, or even better, your grandmother. And we usually do. Because the day goes by in a crazy flash and we're like your little sane touchstones (or fairy godmothers!) reminding you to breathe, adjusting your veil, calming your family down, and telling you just how gorgeous you look.

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